Every student should have the opportunity to be a leader in STEM.

Take a look at the inspiring students in Carolina’s Young InnovatorsSM program. They demonstrate the amazing achievements that occur when students take action to answer a question or solve a problem in science, technology, engineering, and math.
By recognizing and celebrating these Young Innovators’ accomplishments both big and small, Carolina strives to open the door to possibilities—to inspire all students and nurture their visions. We promote diversity and inclusion to encourage every student to take their place in STEM.

Getting the Most Out of Young Innovators


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Meet Other Young Innovators

Joaquin Haces-Garcia

Young children may be safer, thanks to Joaquin Haces-Garcia’s innovative car seat alarm.
Learn More About Joaquin

Olivia Thomas

Girls can code, and Olivia Thomas’s games and workshops prove it.
Learn More About Olivia

Annie Ostojic

Microwave ovens may cook more efficiently, thanks to Annie Ostojic’s containers and reflectors.
Learn More About Annie